More useful than I realised. Ha!

I’m discovering more uses for Kwickfeed every day. I had one lady contact me and tell me that she was using Kwickfeed to manage her business Twitter account. She told me she mostly retweets tweets that she finds motivational and has a small group of people she follows who she gets most of her inspiration from, she has them all in one feed in Kwickfeed. Every few hours she opens Kwickfeed and scrolls through her retweeters feed and hits the retweet button on her favourite tweets and she’s done, quick as that. The tweets post directly to her Twitter account.

Whether you use Kwickfeed for business or pleasure you’ll find that its a smooth, fresh and visual experience that you’ll enjoy.

Below are some pix of an example feeds and menus the feeds you have subscribed to or created!

Download now – (iOS coming soon)


kwickfeed feedsNature FeedScreenshot_2015-08-22-20-47-19


Kwickfeed is here!!

Are you sick of getting lost in a barrage of tweets in your home feed in Twitter? If you follow a lot of people then Kwickfeed can be really helpful. This free app lets you sort all the people you follow in to different feeds and lets you access them separately in a extremely easy and visual list of feeds. Not only can you create feeds named whatever you want with whoever you want, you can also subscribe to feeds already made by us AND you can share them both with your friends and get them to subscribe to the feeds you’ve made!
Kwickfeed lets you:
– Create your own feeds with whoever you want
– Share your feeds with your friends by Tweet or email
– Favourite a Tweet in your feed to your Twitter account
– Retweet a tweet in your feed to your Twitter account
– Six different themed colours to choose from to liven up your feeds
Kwickfeed (free) is available now from Google Play ( and will be in the iTunes store very soon.

I dont like Mondays

Picture it, you’ve got ten minutes to yourself on the journey to work, you’re on the train, it’s a Monday morning and you’re not feeling it. You pull out your phone and open the Kwickfeed app. After scrolling through the Discover Feeds tiles you choose Celebrity News. This is just what you need, for a few minutes you can forget you’ve got to go to work and check out all the latest celebrity gossip from around the world. You’re feeling more relaxed already 🙂

Free Kwickfeed app is only weeks away! Visit to register your details and we’ll let you know when the free app is released!

kwickfeed app is almost here!!!!

wpid-wp-1431520581479.pngThe biggest misconception about Twitter is you have to tweet to have a meaningful experience. You can get so much up to the minute information from your friends, family, news outlets, celebs, sports, mentors and so much more. With Kwickfeed you can harness all of this information and make it accesible easily and quickly.

We all love Twitter, it rocks, but its easy to get caught up in the endless flood of tweets. With kwickfeed you can design the way you consume the information without getting overwhelmed or lost in the all the tweets, and lets face it, theres a lot of those tweets you could live without. Kwickfeed allows you to cut out all the boring tweets and let you see what you actually want to see.

If you want to see the all the latest news from around the world, design a feed with all your favourite news outlets. When ever you need a kwick fix of the news, in a few taps of your finger you can see all the latest news tweets without the rest of the junk thrown in! Or if you love keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip, you can design a feed to just include all your fav celebs or gossip sites. Or both! You can design as many feeds as you want! That you can access within seconds!

What would Shakespeare tweet?

Shakespeare famously wrote in Romeo and Juliet ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ but what I want to know is, would a meal taste as good if it doesn’t get any likes on Instagram?

What if Shakespeare were alive today, what would he tweet? Would he fade in to the deafening background of tweets, posts and blogs and the millions searching for validation, gratification and adoration in the saturated online world. Will we ever have another Shakespeare and would we recognize it if we did?  In a time when there was no internet and the audience consisted of basically whoever was in front of you, a man and his words have stood the test of time for hundreds of years. His words will continue to ring out in schools and theaters around the world and be analyzed and reinterpreted over and over again. Today, social media is so accessible and the audience so wide, the average person can potentially reach millions of people. Every second person is a photographer, a writer, a poet. Are we going to be quoting anyone’s tweet in 400 years? I doubt it.